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Cheapest Car Insurance vs Most Expensive by States

Everyday there are a large number of new auto insurance policies that are developed. Many car owners are looking to obtain auto insurance to cover their newly purchased vehicle or just because they are switching auto insurance companies. When many car owners go to purchase an auto insurance policy there are many who are surprised to see that their car insurance rates are high.

There are a number of factors that can increase car insurance rates. Most car owners are well aware that their driving record has an impact on the car insurance rates they may receive; however, where a car owner lives is also important in determining car insurance rates. Many car owners wonder why the cost of auto insurance is impacted by the state that they live in. There are a number of reasons why state residence is taken into consideration. One of the most common reasons is due to the guidelines and restrictions that a state government may place on car insurance coverage.

Not all states have rules and limitations on what type of car insurance coverage should be purchased, but many do. This coverage often includes a minimum dollar amount that must be purchased. For example, in New York car insurers paid an average estimated car insurance premium of around $3,150. It is also important to note that in 2005 New York had the highest auto insurance premiums in the country. Not far behind New York are Louisiana , Rhode Island , Maryland , and the District of Columbia . What is interesting to notice is that out of the above mentioned locations four of the five are located in the Northeast; however, not all Northeast states have high insurance premiums.

Louisiana , Rhode Island , Maryland , and the District of Columbia where all listed as having high auto insurance premiums. These states averaged insurance policy premiums for 2005 that were between $2,700 and $3,000. With $3,000 being the highest average amount of money that a driver must pay it is easy to see that New York drivers have higher auto insurance rates.

To think about how cheap a car owner from another state is getting their insurance consider that the average lowest auto insurance policy premium in the United States is more than half of what New Yorkers are paying. Maine is currently listed as having the cheapest car insurance premiums in all of United States . Other states with cheap car insurance premiums include Iowa , Vermont , Wisconsin , and Idaho . These five states offer the cheapest car insurance premiums in the country. These cheap car insurance premiums average from around $1,500 to $1,700.

It is highly likely that a car owner is not going to uproot their entire family to move to another state just to receive cheap car insurance; therefore, many Americans must rely on others ways to lower their auto insurance rates. Car owners in states such as New York , Louisiana , Rhode Island , and Maryland are encouraged to maintain a good driving record and purchase vehicles that are known for receiving cheap car insurance. Owning a quality vehicle and having a clean driving record can be just as important as the state that you live in.