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Car Insurance: Why You Need to Have It

Auto insurance is something that almost all American drivers have; however, many do not know the importance of having car insurance. Most areas of the country require that a vehicle be covered by a car insurance policy; however, with or without requirements there are a number of advantages to having car insurance.

Car insurance is mostly used to protect a car and the car's driver; however, there are other items that a car insurance policy protects. If a car insurance policy is purchased with personal or property coverage then car insurance will work to protect property and another other vehicle passengers.

Each day there are a large number of car accidents that occur in the United States . Not all car accidents are serious, but many of them can result in death or serious injury. Car insurance helps to provide financial assistance when paying for medical bills related to a car accident injury. If a car owner selects a car insurance policy that includes personal injury it is likely that they will not have to pay out-of-pocket for their own medical expenses. If the car insurance policy does not cover the full cost of medical expenses it is likely that policy holder will only have to pay a small fee.

When a car accident occurs that involves multiple vehicles it is likely that a passenger in another vehicle could be injured. Car owners who are labeled as being at fault for the accident put themselves at risk for being sued. Many families file a lawsuit against at fault drivers when personal injury coverage was not obtained on an insurance policy. Personal injury coverage will not only protect the car owner, but any other individuals who may be involved in the same automobile accident. Having an insurance company help take care of the medical expenses may reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit being filed.

It was previously mentioned that having car insurance protects the car that is being covered. This protection is obtained when a policy holder selects collision coverage on their auto insurance policy. When a car owner purchases a new vehicle it is highly likely that they may spend a large amount of money purchasing it. Car owners who pay for their new vehicles upfront are likely to purchase collision coverage on their car insurance policy to protect their investment. Individuals who use a financial institution to obtain an auto loan are often required to carry collision coverage on their insurance because the financial institution technically owns the vehicle and they too wish to protect their investment. When a new vehicle is insured with collision coverage the repair fees will be paid for by the insurance company once the car owner pays the previously agreed upon insurance deductible.

Perhaps the most common reason why a car owner needs to have car insurance is because they are required to by law. There are a number of states that have strict fines and penalties for drivers who are caught driving without car insurance. These fines and penalties can add up to even more money than a car insurance policy would; therefore, it is advised that car owner get the proper amount of car insurance to prevent themselves from getting into trouble with the law.

No matter what the reason for doing so car owners are encouraged to get car insurance on all vehicles that they regularly drive. Car insurance may not only be required by law, but it can also help to keep a car owner safe, healthy, cared for, and in good financial standing.