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Driving Records, Tickets, and the Affects They Have On Auto Insurance Rates

There are some states in America where insured drivers will automatically be paying more money. This increased rate is often due to high insurance premiums or auto insurance guidelines that may be imposed by a particular state. While the state that a car owner lives in has a significant impact on how much money they may be paying for car insurance it is not the only thing that will have an impact. The driving record of a car owner is often carefully examined when determining an auto insurance rate.

The driving record of a car owner will likely be examined different ways by different car insurance companies. There are many car insurance companies who may offer more penalties for driving with an unclean driving record and others may not be as stiff. There are also many auto insurance companies who take the type of violation or accident into consideration when determining the affect it may have on an auto insurance rate. For example, there are some car insurance companies who may not treat backing into a mailbox the same as they would treat a rollover car accident.

Many car insurance drivers wonder why their driving record has such as impact on their current auto insurance rate. While it is not always true, may car insurance companies believe that individuals who have received a number of driving violations or been involved in a number of car accidents are likely to do so again. There has been a significant pattern developed between these situations and many car insurance companies are well aware of the potential pattern.

The number of car accidents that a driver is in will likely have a larger impact on auto insurance rates versus driving records. Even though this is true there is still a lot weighing in on a car owner's driving record. The above mentioned assumption of repeat driving violations is similar to individuals who receiving driving violations, but may not have been involved in an accident. Many car insurance companies assume that an individual who gets a ticket for going thirty miles over the speed limit is likely to be involved in an accident at least once during their lifetime of driving. This assumption may not be true for all drivers; however, car insurance companies lose money each time they have to pay damages for an automobile accident. This financial loss can turn into a significant one overtime; therefore, many car insurance companies take an individual's driving record into consideration when offering an auto insurance rate to protect themselves and their finances

Most states have a limit on the amount of time that an item on a driving record, such as a violation, can appear. Car owners with automobile accidents or driving violations are not to be worried. For the current time a driving record may have an impact on auto insurance rates, but the rate increase will not last forever. Drivers who are waiting for their past violations to be cleared from their driving record are encouraged to work on improving their driving techniques and skills. Having a previous violation removed will not do a driving record any good if a new one is being added to replace it.